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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


To the friends of local activism,


Naomi Swinton founded SEACC in 2000 to provide fledgling nonprofits with grant-writing expertise and fiscal sponsorship.  In 2006, SEACC’s mission expanded to include more direct involvement in the community, including establishment of the Community Action Center and participation in numerous projects and campaigns. This work includes (but has not been limited to) Castle Street Community Gardens, Wilmington Public Access Television advocacy, and facilitation of across-the-color line work on public education. 


The Community Action Center has been the locus of much of this work, and the Center has been recognized as a place where black, white, and Latino organizers can meet and work in a trusted environment.  This trust has been engendered by the quality of personal relationships fostered through our activism and by the facility itself, located in one of the most integrated neighborhoods in Wilmington.


The rent at the Action Center has been routinely subsidized by Naomi Swinton and Rick Mobbs, owners of the building.  They recently sold the building, and the new owners—while amenable to our work and understanding of our hand-to-mouth existence—require full rent payment in addition to new utility charges.  We do have income from some groups that routinely use the facility, but our monthly deficit is about $375.00, the amount typically subsidized in the past.


We rarely make calls for financial assistance, but this situation is different.  We need to raise funds now for continued operation.  As someone familiar with our work, SEACC is asking you to support the Community Action Center as an organizing resource in one or more of the ways listed below.  Your assistance will insure that grassroots activism has a home in Wilmington.  


Thank you for your consideration and support of our work!




Steve Lee


Southeastern Alliance for Community Change



Ways in which you can support SEACC and the Community Action Center


  1. Help us find co-occupants of the space, such as nonprofits, writers, therapists, yoga teachers, etc.  Please refer any potential candidate to Steve Lee via this e-mail link.
  2. Make a one time, tax-exempt donation or better yet, a smaller, tax-exempt, recurring donation.  Click here to go to our donation page.  PayPal or Credit Cards accepted.




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