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Paula white
Topaz Consultant

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Warm Spirit Warm Spirit
Warm Spirit Warm Spirit

EXCLUSIVELY FOR OUR HOSTESSES . Our custom designed fragrance collection of bath and body products exclusively for our Warm Spirit hosts. A lush, velvety floral blend of sweet neroli orange blossoms with a hint of spice. Touches of ylang-ylang, jasmine, warm musks, cassia, and notes of gardenia gives this fragrance a soft freshness, vitality, and a creamy base.
Warm Spirit
Warm Spirit

Warm Spirit

Warm Spirit

Pampering for the Expectant Mother
When you’re pregnant, your hormones take over big time!  This will not only affect your mood but also your looks.  Skin can become oilier or drier than normal, so you need to adjust your routine accordingly. During your pregnancy is a good time to pay a little extra attention to your skin and really pamper yourself.  Treat yourself to one of our luxurious body lotions and really use it.  After every shower, apply it to damp skin, and let it absorb.
dot Lavender 8 fl oz $17 [E080]
dot Blue Gardenia [E042]
dot Anahita's [E142]
You Wear it Well ... Lavender and You...
During your pregnancy, you may find that you are sensitive to smell (also hormone related).  Try Warm Spirit’s fragrance free Just Body Butter or try using a product from our Lavender Line. Whether you choose our lavender body mist, souffle, massage oil, sugar scrub, shampoo, lotion, or any of our other nature-based lavender products to take care of your self-care, wellness, and pampering, you can't miss. You'll look great because the scents of lavender and vanilla decrease stress and tension, allowing you to relax and recover your peace-of mind. You'll look great as the soothing, calming benefits of lavender cause you to smile and even laugh more. Warm Spirit As you're choosing your pinks and yellows and other pastels for this spring, don't forget your Warm Spirit lush lavender. You'll look great in lavender!!
dot Just Body Butter.  2 oz $15 [P274]
dot Lush Lavender Belly Butter 6 oz $25 [P323]
dot Lush Lavender Souffle .5 oz $5 [P325] / 6 oz $22 {P324]
dot Lush Lavender Massage Oil 1 oz $5 [P322] / 4 oz $16 [P321]

Are You Forgetting Something????
Don’t forget to apply moisturizer to your face and neck. Warm Spirit offers an exceptional skin care line with two moisturizers that are sure to give you an all-over glow.

Biocream. This rich beauty cream luxuriously combines hard-working pure lanolin, exotic coconut oil, the soothing smoothness of aloe vera and the antioxidant qualities of vitamin E.    2 oz $15 [E006] / ½ oz $5 [E019]

Kindness Rejuvenating Cream – Vitamin E and sodium hyaluronate (sounds funny, works wonders) keep your skin moist and supple while our essential oils of ylang-ylang and chamomile soften and defend. 2oz $20 [E015] / ½ oz $6 [E016]

The Great Cover Up.
Think you're too busy for a face mask? Think again.  It only takes a minute to apply and a minute to remove.  Wear it when you’re surfing the internet, watching TV, writing an email or reading.  The physical effects are worth it and it can be an incredibly relaxing process.  Try masking while meditating. You’ll love it.

Earth Mask. Kaolin Clay detoxifies, purifies and softens.  Aloe soothes, lanolin moisturizes and protects, and aromatic essential oils work their own magic. 2 oz $20 [E009] / 1/2 oz $5 [E017]
Warm Spirit

SUMMERTIME is almost here and you know what that means -- sexy sandals, hot heels, frolicking feet, and naked toes tickling the grass. 

To be ready for THEN you need to prepare NOW with our pampered feet items.  If our eyes are the windows of the soul, our poor feet are the workhorses.  They stand, they walk, they run.  They take us to work, to the movies, and even dancing in 3" heels.  Boy oh boy... do our feet deserve it!!  Do something nice for them.  After all, they support us everyday!!

Our pampering foot collection cools, cleans and refreshes your tootsies, getting them ready for bare feet and those fabulous little sandals just in time for summer.

luxurious feet (in a vinyl travel bag) $75 [P526]:
Warm Spirit4 oz. cooling foot spray
Warm Spirit8 oz. mineral foot soak
Warm Spirit8 oz. foot polish
Warm Spirit2 oz. special attention cream
Warm Spirittherapeutic foot lotion
Warm Spiritcotton foot booties
Warm Spiritpumice stone

pampered feet collection $50 [P091]
Warm Spirit4 oz. cooling foot spray
Warm Spirit8 oz. mineral foot soak
Warm Spirit8 oz. foot polish and 2 oz.
Warm Spirit2 oz. special attention cream

mini pedicure $15 [P266]
Warm Spirit2 oz. foot polish and soak
Warm Spirit1 oz. foot spray
Warm Spirit1/2 oz. special attention cream.

cooling foot spray 4 oz. $10 [P093] /1 oz. $5 [P094]
After a workout, before bed and even before slipping on a snug pair of shoes, this spray is like a toner for your feet: cools, lifts and soothes. Don’t leave home without it.

mineral foot soak 8 oz. $12 [P095]
A quick dip for your feet. This therapeutic soak leaves them refreshed, cleansed and ready for the rest of the day.
special attention cream 2 oz. $15 [E005]/1.2 oz [E018]
The problem solver for trouble spots. This super-rich cream looks like butter, and works like magic on rough, cracked skin and Nature’s trouble spots (elbows, knees, and feet). Classic emollients and vitamins mixed with eucalyptus, camphor and menthol to open the pores, increase blood flow, soothe, heal and invigorate your dry skin. Translation: Miracle Worker.

foot polish 8 oz. $15 [P096]
This sparkling gel gently exfoliates dead skin and smoothes dry patches. Our micro-sized grains of pumice and unique mint oils are held in an aloe vera base to make dull feet dance again.

therapeutic foot lotion 6 oz. $20 [P272]
With cypress and eucalyptus oils to combat water retention, enhance circulation, blood flow and detoxification, this magic lotion will have you feeling better at the end of even the roughest day. Oregano oil fights fungus, while chamomile and calendula soothe and cool. With the help of Manuka (New Zealand tea tree oil), we can help you down under and all the way up!
Warm Spirit
Taking care of yourself is not a one-time event, it’s a continuous process. Join our Continuous Care program and have a wonderful featured gift package delivered to your beloved or to your door-step each and every month…like clockwork. It's the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

You have the opportunity to create your own customized continuous care package and delivery schedule or to select one of our signature packages.

Customers receive a FREE GIFT every month with your continuous care order by staying committed to your initial selection and receive the advantage of a flat $5.95* ground shipping fee every month on our preselected packages.

April Signature Care Package is
See below for more information

Warm Spirit

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Warm Spirit

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Honor your loved ones on their day with a gift from Warm Spirit.

April 16th

Administrative Professional's Week
April 23rd - 29th
Administrative Professional's Day
April 26th

Nurse Appreciation Week
May 6th - 12th
Nurse Appreciation Day
May 6th

Mother's Day
May 14th
Look for Warm Spirit featured in .... [excerpts below]

Spa Wrap Essence Magazine Beauty Section-Scents and Sensibilities
Absolutely Fabulous! Sweet Dreams: Shaking the tension that settles between my neck and shoulders was a real drag before I discovered Warm Spirit's Herbal Spa Wrap, which provides penetrating muscle relief. Pop this wonder into the microwave for a couple of minutes and apply it to your sore spots, and it's therapeutic blend of essential oils and botanicals will blissfully lull you to sleep.

Onyx Woman Magazine An innovative Company Provides Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Women of color.
"The mission of Warm Spirit is to empower people to care for themselves and to nurture the potential within," says Thompson. It's not the typical business-minded mission statement of a start-up company, but Warm Spirit is anything but your typical sales company.

Through seminars, retreats, and national events, Warm Spirit recruits sales consultants who benefit from the opportunity to create their own in-home business. Thompson says that she is excited about the possibilities of a business that incorporated her belief in enlightening and empowering women that also offered lucrative business opportunities. "By offering these business opportunities," says Thompson, "we hope that one's career will be an empowering process that, in addition to bringing financial reward for diligent work, opens paths to achieving personal joy, human connection and self-renewal.
Warm Spirit

Warm Spirit

Warm Spirit
Passion Nectar Candle Set [SP54] Our new custom designed signature candle with 100% organic soy wax Candle set is now available! This candle set includes Calypso Colada, Strawberry Soul, Blues Berry, Jazz Berry and Passion Nectar; in their new spring inspired polka dot labels.
$65 for set.

"The true riches of life come naturally as we enrich the lives of other." ~ Byrd Baggett
Warm Spirit Pampering yourself whenever and wherever just got easier thanks to Warm Spirit’s new “Pamper On The Go” bag. Whether dashing off for a fun weekend or heading on a hectic business trip, our beautiful dupioni silk “Pamper On The Go” bag will help soothe overworked muscles and revitalize your loving spirit.

The deluxe travel bag is made of dupioni silk and comes packed with:
dot A lavender sky candle
dot 1 oz. lavender shower gel
dot 1 oz. lavender body lotion
dot 1/2 oz. lavender souffle
dot 1/2 oz. special attention cream
dot 1/2 oz. hair butter
dot 1/2 oz. stress relief massage gel
dot 1 oz. shampoo and conditioner
dot herbal lip balm
Warm Spirit Order your Deluxe “Pamper On The Go” Travel Bag today. This deluxe travel bag can be purchased by itself ($12) or packed with some of our most popular and delectable items ($65). Make every moment of your busy life count … by pampering yourself wherever you are. Warm Spirit makes it easy and oh so delightful!

P.S. Our Deluxe “Pamper On The Go” Travel Bag makes a great gift, too!
Warm Spirit

Warm Spirit

Your Warmth. Your Hospitality. Your Sharing.
The Warm Spirit Host is the heart of every Gathering.

Gatherings. Spa Parties. Open Houses. Bridal Showers. Wellness Retreats. Special Events. Great ways to have fun and earn free Warm Spirit products.

Warm Spirit Receive a Free Warm Spirit Gathering Candle custom designed signature candle with 100% organic soy wax - a $15 value for hosting a Gathering!
Receive a $25 Host Gift Certificate for Gatherings of $500+.
Receive a $50 Host Gift Certificate for Gatherings of $750+.
Host a gathering with a minimum of 3 orders, totaling $100+ and receive 50% off any one product. (excluding perfect packages).
Earn Buying Credit based on your Gathering sales:
dot 20% buying credit with qualified* Gathering.
dot 15% buying credit with sales less than $249 or without a booking

*A qualified Gathering = $250 or more in sales + 1 signed booking
Looking for a part-time or full-time opportunity that is fulfilling, empowering . . and fun? At Warm Spirit, we believe that one's work should be an empowering process bringing financial reward and opening paths towards joy, human connection and self-renewal.
Warm Spirit

Join the Warm Spirit Family. I invite you to join me every Monday at 9 p.m. (EST) on our Empowerment Opportunity Call. Hear our very own President and Co-Founder, Nadine Thompson talk about the growing trend of people who work for themselves and the Warm Spirit opportunity. It's a call you don't want to miss. Just call 1-866-814-3850 and enter passcode 72122# . Call me at 770.981.7336 or 404.518.2163 for more information.

Warm Spirit
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