Ride, Skill and Fitness Rating System

RSFRS (Ride, Skill & Fitness Rating System)
Second sheet of the Excel* file does the calculations based on distances and feet of climbing.
RIDE: Terrain rating (1 to 5 and !) / Pace (XL to B) / Distance (miles) / ##&# (minutes of cardio & days/wk)
SKILL: Except for the rides rated at beginner, XL and L riders should be able to efficiently change gears and ride on streets with and without bike lanes comfortably. NOTE: If you would like to build your skills ride our sponsor's, Sports Basement, beginner friendly rides. Or check with your favorite bike shop.
FITNESS: Riders should probably be doing moderate and/or vigorous intensity cardiovascular exercise at least 30 minutes 3 days per week. Count each ride as one of your days of cardio. For time and intensity guidelines and motivation go to http://www.health.gov/paguidelines). 
Terrain Descriptions - Average climbing, feet/mile
1 Essentially flat. 10 - 30
2 A few low hills. 30 - 50
3 Moderately hilly. 50 - 70
4 Hilly, a few steep ones. 70 - 90
5 Very hilly, considerable climbing. 90 - 110
! An "!" after the terrain rating number indicates surprisingly hard hills in view of the overall terrain.
Pace and Fitness (intensity, duration, days/wk) Descriptions
XL Extra-leisurely: child-friendly pace with many long stops. 7 - 9 on flat road
L Leisurely: easy pace, frequent stops, good for new riders. 10 - 12 mph on flat road
LT --- between L & T / do moderate cardiovascular exercise 30+ min 3+ days per week
T Touring: steady pace, fewer stops, for experienced riders. 13 - 15 mph on flat road
TM --- between T & M / do moderate & vigorous cardiovascular exercise =/>30 min & =/>3 d/wk
M Moderately fast pace: for strong experienced riders. 16 - 18 mph
MB --- between M & B / do moderate & vigorous cardiovascular exercise >30 min & >3 d/wk
B Brisk: very strong riders; tight fast packs and pacelines. 18+
* Excel file: http://files.meetup.com/1281785/Ride%20Skill%20Fitness%20Rating%20System%20RSFRS.xlsx

Adapted from Grizzly Peak Cycling
Jim Grizzell -  jimgrizzell@healthedpartners.org