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This explains a lot of the contradictory attitudes that confuse even Christians, how can this compassionate, peace loving religion be so cruel and punitive and hateful? Why they are against human pleasure and any attempt to escape suffering?

JB.Anti-theism (Jeremy Bentham's Anti-theism)
Professor Philip Schofield in his 2011 Conway Memorial Lecture quotes and comments on the outspoken anti-religious views of JEREMY BENTHAM - A Prophet of Secularism.

JB (Jeremy Bentham) 1.A Secular Prophet
In this part of Philip Schofield's 2011 Conway Memorial lecture he uses JEREMY BENTHAM'S explanation of how the meanings of the word 'prophet' justifies the apparent contradiction in the title of him as 'A Prophet of Secularism.'

RFI20121293 - final response
BBC refuses to give Information on 'Thought for the Day' on it's Religious promo programme. Did you know that the BBC is excluded from the "Freedom of Information" law?

Hitler & Stalin
One of the greatest lies propagated by priests and pastors- that the Communist revolution and Nazism in Russia and Germany - countries steeped in centuries of orthodox, RC and Lutheran Christianity and anti-Semitism - were caused by atheism.

Birkbeck Universities Professor Erik Kaufman asks if environmental debate is afraid to pose the significance of religion in the population boosting stakes? He asks if God is back and How Darwinism Works

'Charity' is one of the Sacred Cows used by religion to justify their claim to be the sole provider of comfort, help and welfare provision. It explains why relying on it will never reduce the need for it nor deal with it for most people.

Abortion Law Reform
There are many good reasons for thanking women for not accepting unwanted pregnancy and motherhood as the punishment for accidental conception.


The price paid by women for anti-abortionists.

'The Sado-Masochistic Heart of the Christian Religion' by Barbara Smoker

Series of 6 x A5 size leaflets to print & copy - texts & quotations to encourage people to read the many contradictions, absurdities and atrocities not selected by priests & pastors Use to open debate, Mormons & JWs who come knocking at your door.

Checklist for Atheist Activists
What can positive atheists DO - to promote the intellectual coherence of non-belief systems?

Instead of the tired old Xmas Nativity myth, why not help children to understand the reason for the ancient celebration of the end of winter and the warmth and light of spring.

Spirituality in 'Green World'
Religious promotion in the current issue of Green World, the official magazine of the Green Party

The tax haven in the heart of Britain
'The City' - 'The Lord Mayor's Show' - a bit of circus? or "The Tax Haven at the heart of global Capitalism" it undermines democracy and sustains the massive wealth of the wealthy 1% - anyone interested in today's crisis should read this.

Dear Protester
Two sided A5 leaflet to print off - on an atheist perspective on 'St Paul's & The City' - Church and state, working together - A partnership made in heaven

Social Progress
What effect has Christianity had on social progress - is it as claimed a force for good, or has it held us back?

Battle for the Mind Wm Sargeant
Report of early research on how fear of death makes people suggestible, gullible and vulnerable to manipulation by psychiatrist Dr William Sargeant

US & Other Constitutions
Does the separation of church and state and a secular constitution - make the US a secular state?

Atheist Perspectives - 'Illicit Sex and the God Machine' - the religions insist that all forms of sex outside of holy matrimony and for the procreation of children are illicit sinful and must be punished - based on their attitudes to women and sex.  

Atheist Perspective on the techniques that are used to embed religious beliefs in intelligent, educated and otherwise rational human beings - a side effect of human physiology the main purpose of which is to maintains health and welfare.

Atheist Perspectives - How religion has undermined education, used it to promote its prejudices and discrimination and teach its distorted ideas and attitudes to individuals and society.

Atheist Perspectives - 'How religion makes you suffer' Religious ideas have had a stultifying effect on attitudes to health and welfare, pleasure and happiness as of little value to their ideas of suffering as good for us, and happiness a weakness.

What amazes me is why we are still asking this question
Still asking: 'is religion a good thing for Britain today?"?'

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Jesus Rising Quiz
You would think they would have got it right by now, or does distance lend enchantment? 

The Ultimate Tyranny
"Is freedom a religious idea?" asks Paula Kirby in the Washington Post. A brilliant outline of the evidence that refutes this false claim. 

I would love to read this book......
Links to precis of historically important books of interest to atheists..........ere they exist!

Quotations used in Jonathan Miller's 'A Brief History of Disbelief'

Why are the patriarchal religions against homosexuality?

Ideas for inclusive assemblies

How much more interesting it would be for teachers and children to have assemblies that do not centre on religion - communal events that include everyone and teach children how to think and discuss issues and not just listen and obey.

"Evangelical Tory MP found to be having affair" refers.

Academic Jay Ginn questions the idea that the subservience of women to men is 'natural' - part of god's plan for gender roles and relationships of men and women, promoted by the monotheistic religions for millenia.

Conference on Humanism & Politics
My view of IPPR Conference on 'The State of Faith' Chaired by Laurie Taylor in 2006 

Advocacy as a necessary part of a modern, post religious, secular, altruistic society with links to the more recent development of specific 'Advocacy' services for vulnerable people. Bromley Group Discussion - Feb 9th

Announcement of this years camps

Kent Hovind Doctoral Dissertation
Kent Hovind Doctoral Dissertation

Ray Comfort's Origin of Species Introduction
Ray Comfort's Origin of Species Introduction

3xXmas views
Three comments on Xmas from an atheist POV before it is shelved for another year

Quotations Quiz
Quotations from philosophers, presidents and even the hoi polloi.

Christopher Hitchens on The God Delusion
'Must read' review of one giant by another - short and to the point.


ECP Thanks
Prostitution "Reactionary Crime Bill goes through but anti-criminialisation movement grows"

An Atheist Manifesto of Entitlements
A simple document that would show the general public how modest, moderate and reasonable the demands of atheists and secularists are - compared with the demands of religions that everyone comply with their particular brands of beliefs and doctrines.

 Holy texts and lineage are no way to assemble state schools
Simon Jenkins on religious selection in state schools.

Musim Debate Westminster Uni
Video links to debate on Islam, its attitude to women and the wider issues for Islam in a secular society.

Compassion? Four letters that show the hypocrisy of Western politics, religion and the media

Faith Based Welfare
How our government colluded to put the church 'at the heart of the community'

Updated Files Index (Thanks to Saleema)

Wearing the Niqab

My answers to the excuses and justifications for full face covering are as poor and incomplete as you would expect, and they still have to be challenged. Would you like to add to this document?
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The French Priest who left a bombshell for his congregation

Levi Fragell - humanism and atheism
The evolution of humanism away from atheism is a problem for both.

The Blind Watchmaker, Chapter 2
About bats!

Atheist 'Interfaith' Agenda
Has the time come for Atheists to promote evidence-based faith?

The Histoy and Suppression of Atheism
Atheism has a longer history than Christianity, that so few people realise this is a testament to the efficiency of Christian cultural domination.

The Christian Church and the Theatre
An aspect of our Christian heritage we don't hear much about.

The Mind of God
The Paradox of the Superstitious Scientist - how come people devoted to scientific inquiry can still believe in the supernatural?

Certificate of Debaptism with National Secular Society seal. Here is a relatively high res copy colour copy for you to download and use, give as a Christening present, or pass on (whichever you choose). Thanks Pete!

Aspects of Non-belief
Humanism, Secularism and Atheism mean very different things to different people. It is as if in discussing religions we had only three words to describe them.

Religion & Mental Health
The attitudes to mental health are still medieval in many parts of the world, and even in the more secular developed countries, the relics of these attitudes persist, blocking the understanding of mental illness and its treatment.

Humanist view of passion - Is it the antitheses of reason?

Church claims on 'Health and Welfare'
How often do religionists claim kudos for providing health welfare services and attack the secular society for not conforming to their idea of 'The good old days' of our 'Christian Heritage'? We need to give them the facts to answer this falsehood.

Floris van den Berg Director, Center for Inquiry Low Countries Lecture to the Ethical Society, 19 January 2009

The Invention of Team Spirit
"The God Virus: How religion infects our lives and culture", on Message Board, refers.

Family Planning
"Population control", on Message Board, refers.

Defender of the religions deny the need for population control.

Selected Extracts from 'Humanist Anthology'

To the Commission for Equality and Human Rights

Violence against Women
Men and women suffer violence in this society, but women suffer most domestic abuse. There is a particular atheist perspective on the underlying attitudes that need to be understood if we are to change the situation.

A Crash Course on Atheism for use in discussions between atheists and for those new to the wisdom of atheism.

Brain chemistry & belief in god. Is the brain hard-wired to believe rubbish?

Barack Obama's observations and beliefs
Barack Obama's book 'Dreams From My Father' Notes and Quotations on his observations and beliefs

The Grasshopper's Tale 


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Facts on Evolution 3
A leaflet on the basics of Evolution.

Religion as Comfort Is there a better option?

Gender balance
Why is there a gender imbalance on our group, if so why, and does it matter?

No wonder they believed in miracles!

David Attenborough
David Attenborough on Atheism

If (which is unlikely) they accept what I say, then the scheme will have been secularised. If, however, they claim an exception, then the ulterior motive of the scheme – spreading their pernicious “mind virus” – is exposed.

A very concise time line on the process with short comments.

One Law for All
Links to interviews, Video & supporters list

Belief and the Brain
Brain, Body and Belief Scientific links to the origins of god belief

How Britain Should Respond to Islam
Ouline of discussion

Humanist Strategy
How do positive atheists fit into humanist groups - are they compatible?

Faith Primary Schools; Better Schools or Better Pupils

Apologetics from Muslims for any criticism of Islam

Michael Wills Letter
Poor arguments for government policy on Bishops in the House of Lords

LSS launched by NSS
NSS Launches Lawyers Secular Society

Antony Flew
The Professor & God


Leviticus on homosexuality and other 'abominations' with appropriate punishments.

The Importance of Secularism in the Peace Movement
Secularism is an essential on any political agenda if peace is to replace sectarian aggression and macho culture.

God on Trial
An review of this terrific play. I hope you see it and if you disagree with me start a discussion on the Message Board. on the message board.

'Accord'- Nice idea - pity about the BHA policy on Religious Instruction in schools

A Draft Policy Document for proposals to ensure secular education in Britain's schools

Humanist Anthology
Margared Knight's introduction to A brilliant resource - an anthology of quotations compiled from 69 individuals - from Lao Tzu (6th BCe China) to 1961.

RE as Cultural Learning
Richard Dawins defends RE as necessary to cultural learning and specifically in the understanding of literary history. Dare I suggest that as much as I admire and respect him, he is not necessarily right on everything! Discuss.

Edit Pay Gap 

Powerpoint - women's inequality in pay and pensions makes most women 'dependents' - not on the state but as the dependents of the man - father, husband or partner, who is supposedly responsible for her upkeep, a status based on ownership.

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An outline of the basic issues for anyone unfamiliar with this long running campaign against the promotion of religion in schools, especially state schools that indicates the collusion of church and state.

State-Church relationship in Poland - Maciej

The Ten Commandments A brief and admirably concise critique of this list of Christian Values that shows how poor it is in terms of modern, more secular, relativist view of human values.

Unveiling the Truth
Do we have 'shared values' as the religions claim? They use the same language, but do they mean the same thing? And if so, why do they think that patriarchy and paternalism is 'natural' and oppose every campaign for women's rights and independence?.

If there are 'atheist values', do we count as progressives - along with other groups in the population who have traditionally had their rights, freedom and equality curtailed by religion and patriarchy?

ATHEISM, HITLER & STALIN Religion is tailor made for tyrants - and countries steeped in the paternalistic religion with their teachings of worship of great leaders and obedience to authority that make it easy. Google 'Hitler/Stalin on freeuk'

Atheist Communities
Paul Smith's Presntation at May Atheist Meetup

Welcome & Info for Newbies
I want newcomers to feel at home right from the start.

Anti-Science - dumbing down medicine
Professor of Complementary Medicine says it is dumbing down and damaging evidence-based.

Religion contributes to Social Ills
By Dr Edzard Ernst, Professor of Complementary Medicine, Peninisular Medical School, Exeter University.

Why Gods Persist
A VERY brief summary of the book. A springboard for a more detailed discussion.

Multi-Faith-Schools- Swedish style
As warned by Polly Toynbee in Guardian 8/4/08 - 'Beware the lesson of the Tory wolf in liberal clothing' Checkout the link to the Proposal for 1000 place Multi-Faith school in Westminster . That should keep them busy.

Definitions of Atheism
Definitions from most of the famous men of atheism, historians, philosophers and writers, with quotations & reference list. Very concise considering the scope and clarity.

Margaret_Knight, Morals Without Religion
Margaret Knight rocked Britain with her BBC programmes in 1955, she also wrote several other articles including a a brief assessment of 'Gentle Jesus' that shows him as far from 'meek and mild'.

Ex-President of the NSS Barbara Smoker is one of Britain's most well known atheists, writer and broadcaster wrote this in 1985, and her most up to date writing is on her linked website

America's Most Famous Atheist Orator & Writer's collected works are on the linked website -