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Union Dues: January 2012


Withholding of Union Dues Will Begin in January 2012

If you are a registered family daycare provider, a licensed group-family daycare provider, or a legally-exempt (informal) daycare provider, the State of New York has made you a member of CSEA Local 1000 AFSCME AFL-CIO and you are now required to pay union dues.

Beginning on January 2, 2012 the State of New York is requiring Monroe County to withhold 2% of all daycare payments to family, group-family, and legally-exempt providers until a total of $690 has been withheld for the calendar year. The 2% withhold will then be forwarded to CSEA Local 1000 on your behalf.

For example, if you bill Monroe County for daycare services provided, and the amount due to you is $1,000, we will pay you $980 and forward $20 to CSEA Local 1000 on your behalf. We will continue withholding 2% of your payment each month until a total of $690 has been collected.

If you do not bill Monroe County for services, or if each month’s withholding does not add up to $690 by the end of the calendar year, you will receive a bill directly from CSEA Local 1000 for the balance due.

Chapter 540 of the Laws of 2010 added a new Article 19-c (Sections 695-a through 695-g) allowing daycare providers to organize themselves for the purpose of discussing with the State of New York the stability of funding, operations of daycare programs, and the expansion of ‘quality’ daycare.

The legislation does NOT:

• Permit daycare providers the right to engage collectively in a strike or to take work action to secure any right or privilege from the State or Monroe County;
• Make providers state officers or employees or in any way imply an employee-employer relationship with the State or Monroe County including, but not limited to the public retirement system, public health insurance, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, disability coverage, civil service law, or indemnification under the public officers law;
• Alter any current regulations, policies, or procedures for health, safety, discipline, inspection, or enforcement applicable to daycare providers or programs;
• Interfere with the existing relationship between you and parents, including the existing rights of parents/guardians to change or terminate a provider’s service;
• Create any contractual right or obligation.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your obligation to pay union dues, please contact CSEA by one of these means:

By phone: (800) 342-4146 ext. 1327
By Internet:
By mail: CSEA Membership Department
143 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12210

Important Forms

NEW Daycare attendance sheet

NEW Guidelines for filling out attendance sheets

Vendor # Request Form

Child Care Application

Child Care Application Instructions

Income Eligible Daycare Subsidies

Daycare subsidies help parents/guardians who are striving to be self sufficient by giving them choices in child care arrangements and by helping them pay for quality child care. Daycare subsidies are provided to individuals to:

  1. Assist them in transitioning from temporary assistance to employment.
  2. Support children while their parent/guardian participates in drug, alcohol or mental health services.
  3. Assist low income working families maintain employment by paying a portion of child care costs. 


Families with adults who are working, but are earning lower incomes, might qualify for a daycare subsidy. Families with income levels falling within a specific range are eligible. Currently, changes in State funding have necessitated changes in eligibility levels qualifying for subsidy.

To apply for a daycare subsidy please click on the "Child Care Application" link above or call the DHS Application Line 585 753-6960 to request a Child Care Application. Complete the application and send it to: Income Eligible Daycare Team, 691 St. Paul Street, 5th Floor, Rochester, NY 14605. Families who are currently receiving Temporary Assistance should continue to work with their case Examiner. 

Prescription Discount Plan

Save Money On Costly Prescription Drugs!

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks launched the new Monroe County Prescription Discount Program, a County-sponsored initiative that helps local residents save money on the cost of prescription drugs.