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I do love that Bunny!

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What's in MY Easter basket?

Yes, that is a baby bunny!  Aaawww!



This deal is just too good to not tell you about!

These are probably three of my favorite things, besides cute pictures of baby bunnies!  (Thanks Morgan!)  Thieves Household Cleaner, Purification Essential Oil Blend, and Lemon Essential Oil.  And this month - I GET THEM FREE!!!  Okay, well not just me.  You can too!

1.  Thieves Cleaner                  

You may not know this, but as a veterinarian I have actually documented cases of serious health concerns, allergies, chronic ear infections, and elevated liver and kidney values in my patients... all due to toxic household chemicals.  Cleaners and air fresheners rank at the top of the list for things that make my patients the victim of chronic illnesses, that just can't seem to be figured out.  Once you start to look, and actually SEE, it becomes a bit scary how many households are poisoning their pets on a daily basis.  The simple switch from basic household cleaners (and don't get me started on so-called "all natural" cleaners) - has resulted in life changing (and blood work changing) results.  Thieves Household Cleaner is so safe, I have actually taken a drink of the concentrate...  It's a long story!      


2.  Purification Oil                  

Another item that I used to think was indispensible was topical flea and tick products.  After all, I live on 15 acres of wooded and weedy bliss, on the edge of the Crow River.  Prime breeding grounds for ticks!  Although, there is still a place for chemical prevention sometimes, we are now on our THIRD season of non-toxic tick prevention.  With 5 dogs, we have only picked off ONE TICK!  I consider that pretty amazing.  I do several things for my dogs during the worst times of the year.  They take Longevity Oil or Softgels orally everyday, they get a Raindrop Technique at least weekly, AND we dauber them with Purification before they go outside.  Purification has been my bug repelling friend, and by getting a drop or two on each ankle of our dogs (and along their legs, back, neck, shoulders if needed), we have averted many creepy crawlies from hitching a ride.

3.  Lemon Oil                       

Lemon Oil is good for so many things, but it smells fabulous in the spring!  I absolutely adore diffusing this oil, as it seems like pure sunshine, right in my home.  After a dull winter, I am ready for the sunshiney smell!  Oh, and by the way, Lemon can kill bacteria in the air, is rich in Limonene which is well researched in regards to its benefits with cancer, and Lemon has been shown to increase mental acuity and concentration (perfect when you are editing a book!)  

So, how am getting these three things for free?  I just place an order with Young Living, that qualifies (has to be 180 PV points) - and I get all three of those for FREE!  I am stoked, because I would be buying these things anyway - and now I can order other stuff I want, AND get these too!  YIPPEE!  (Retail these three cost $65.47, so it's nothing to sneeze at!)  You can find ordering information on my website at, and if you would like order for wholesale cost instead of retail - just let us know!  For me, buying a Raindrop Kit, a bottle of Longevity Oil, a bottle of Longevity SoftGels, (and maybe something for myself) - gives me the 180PV I need to get my free products - AND my dogs well cared for!  I have spent far more $$$ on Frontline, and it doesn't make me as HAPPY!  Win, Win, Win!

Hoppy Easter to all!  I have to go finish a book now!  ~ Melissa

If you want to learn more about holistic care of animals, including the use of Essential Oils - one amazing educational opportunity is the Animals & Oils Intensive Training Course.  This course is now available ONLINE!  This is an amazing 3 days worth of course material presented in a very fun, easy, and convenient way.  See the link to the right - or go to to find more class information.  There is also a wealth of information, sample protocols, and holistic recommendations for many, many ailments on my membership website  Read about it below. 


ON PRESALE NOW!!!  The Animal Desk Reference Book!  Reserve your copy now for the release June 26th, 2012.

Just like the Essential Oils Desk Reference, this book will contain recommendations for various ailments in every sort of species!  I am excited to be bringing this book to you!  As of March 15, 2012 - you can pre-purchase and reserve your copy for an extra special price until May 31st - then prices will go up!  Make sure you get yours - TODAY - by CLICKING HERE!

Remember, I only recommend the use of Young Living Essential Oils for use in or around animals (and humans for that matter).  This brand of essential oils consistently shows the quality needed for use in animals - and the use of other brands may prove dangerous for your animals.  Through research, case studies, and retrospective studies - I am documenting the difference in qualities of essential oils in my veterinary hospital.  I do not make this recommendation lightly!  You can find Young Living Essential Oils on my website at 

Disclaimer:  This information was provided for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any illness.  If you or your animal have a health concern, you are encouraged to seek the council of a health care professional who is knowledgeable in your area of interest.



Animal Desk Reference Membership Website!

I must say, that since I have started using Young Living Essential Oils in my veterinary practice, my life has certainly changed.  I found a passion for essential oils as they provided a powerful way to obtain natural health and wellness, and I was driven to share it with others.  In June of 2010, I was invited to co-present at the Young Living International Grand Convention with Cherie Ross - on the use of essential oils for animals.  Since that presentation, I have passionately continued in my roll as a veterinarian, researcher, author, and teacher regarding the medical use of essential oils in animals.  What became abundantly clear to me however, was that there were far more Young Living members in need of consultations and advice for their animals, than one person could possibly handle.  My focus shifted toward educating many people at once, and on how I could possibly share the much needed information with everyone who needed it.  Writing books takes time.  Teaching classes all over the world is fun, but also time consuming, exhausting, and sometimes difficult with a young family.  I have always said, "If only I could record myself, then everyone who needs this same answer could listen to it."  Well, my dreams have been answered!       


I have created the Animal Desk Reference Membership Website!  This website will grow to contain hundreds and hundreds of recorded webinars, videos, files, voice recordings and more!  Members will have access to these educational tools whether they are in the United States, Australia, Spain, or anywhere in the world.  Time zones will be a non-issue, and I will be able to educate many people at once.    

Like a "Consult in a Bottle"!  I launched the new website September 2011, at the Young Living Convention in Orlando, Florida.  The site has been received with such a wonderful and powerful reception - and I invite you to become a member!  At the cost of only $27.95 per month, an entire year of access to the site will cost less than ONE holistic veterinary consultation.  However, unlike a traditional consultation, you will have access to information on many topics, in many different  animal species.  Members will also have direct input as to what content is added to the site next, and can participate in monthly Conference Calls to answer additional questions.  To me - this "consult in a bottle" provides the ability to answer common questions - and do it one time - recording it and offering it for everyone to hear.  The efficiency in this system will allow me to provide quality education, research, AND the much anticipated Animal Desk Reference book to everyone - while also ensuring that I maintain a healthy balance of work and family time.

Please go to to read more about the website, and join me in being a part of the growing content, and get your questions answered!         



Wonderful Essential Oil Pendants!

I really enjoy these essential oil pendant necklaces.  Beautiful and functional.  My dog Lola has been wearing her dog bone pendant for several weeks now - and so far, I am very impressed.  Being the "craziest of our crazies" - Lola is always a great tester of all products!  She has not lost, broken, or damaged the pendant in any way.  Next we are asking Dana to make us some "fully bling-ified" doggy bones.  After all, every pit bull needs some bling!  Feel free to contact Dana at to order one necklace, a wholesale batch, or to even have a custom design made just for you! 

My Book is Available in Paperback!

Available now in a printed copy!  This is the same book that was available as the Ebook (with a few editing corrections!) - now available as a "Real Book" for $38.95. 

To order single copies and bulk quantities go to 
5 books are $175 plus shipping.
10 books $330 plus shipping.
20 books $600 plus shipping.


Visit my website for information on classes, links to past newsletters, my book on using Essential Oils in Cats, Dogs, and Horses, to view You Tube Videos, and more!

Until Next Time!
Melissa Shelton DVM

Disclaimer:  This information was provided for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any illness.  If you or your animal have a health concern, you are encouraged to seek the council of a health care professional who is knowledgeable in your area of interest.


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