No Show Policy

The Greater Lehigh Valley Outdoors Adventures has a new "no show" policy that allows members to "no show" (RSVP YES to an event but not attend...and not inform of change) up to 2 times. On the 3rd "no show," the member will be removed from the Club.

The reason behind this "no show" policy is to respect the Organizers of the event.

Please be cognizant of your RSVP's and consider how you would feel if you were in another's shoes. It's only courteous to the fellow members of the Club and to the Organizer of the event.

Our lives are subject to change and sometimes that means that we must cancel our meetup plans... and that's OK. All we ask is that you change your RSVP to NO if you're unable to attend....or if you have an emergency, that is undestandable...stuff happens, least apologize the next day!

Thank you in advance for your consideration.