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Sacred Groves is a ten acre forest sanctuary located on Bainbridge Island, in Washington state, home to a small intentional community living in harmony with each other, nature and spirit.

We welcome guests to the land for rituals, healing work, music, learning, prayer and retreat time in the woods. It is a place to deepen your relationship with Mother Earth and your personal spirituality, a place for ceremony and a sense of connection. Most events are open to men and women; a few are geared for parents and children. Women’s Mysteries School events are for women only.

Sacred Groves is not affiliated with any particular religion. The events here include elements of ritual from earth-based spiritual traditions in North America, Africa and pre-Christian Europe. They have also been inspired by mentors like Sobonfu Some, Joanna Macy, Starhawk, our relationship with Mother Earth, and co-creative experiences in drumming and ritual groups for the past three decades.

We welcome people from all races and cultures who share our beliefs that the earth is sacred and that music, dance, prayer, ceremony, and time in the natural world are essential for personal and community health.

Events at Sacred Groves are most often facilitated by owner-director Therese Charvet, co-hosted with her partner Tere Carranza, who contributes her warm heart, logistical support, and tasty cooking. Therese’s leadership and ceremonial skills have been shaped by years in midwifery organizations and other women’s groups, her Buddhist meditation practice, training in Compassionate Listening, all grounded by her deep connection with the land at Sacred Groves where she has lived for 36 years.

Kendra & ThereseSome events (like the Grief Ritual and Wailing Lodge) are co-facilitated with Kendra E. Thornbury of SpiritAlive who also occasionally offers her own workshops at the Groves. This photo is of Therese (left) and Kendra. Occasionally Therese invites other teachers to the Groves to share their gifts with the land and the people who love to come here.

If you are interested in events here at the Groves, the best place to start is by clicking here. More information can be found by following the links on that page or using the directory on the side-bar.

Activities at Sacred Groves occur in the natural setting of 10 acres of Pacific Northwest rainforest. Some happen in our beautiful Great Room in the Round House, some outdoors in the meadow; small women’s gatherings happen at the Moonlodge. Sacred Groves is a small wilderness park where you can feel the sacredness of the earth. It’s a place to settle into the quiet, listen to the birds, watch the trees sway in the wind, re-establish connection with God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Great Mystery or whatever it is you call that ineffable power that underlies all of life.

Sacred Groves