Delaware Valley Hike Rating System

Hike ratings consist of a number-letter-number system indicating PACE-TERRAIN-MILEAGE. All Chapter hikes and backpacks include a rating.

1 - Leisurely (nature walk)
2 - Moderate (steady, comfortable pace)
3 - Brisk (firm pace)
4 - Fast
5 - Extremely fast

A - Solid pavement/sidewalk
B - Soft ground/sand/carriage trails
C - Hiking trails/gentle rolling hills
D - Steep hills, scrambling possible
E - Rough terrain/exposure/ thick brush
F - Extremely difficult terrain/possible sustained exposure

Estimated mileage, plus or minus 1 mile.

EXAMPLE: A very fast six-mile hike on a paved path would have a hike rating of 5A6.

Ratings should be considers approximations and not exacts. A brisk pace for person may be a moderate pace for another person. Also there can be variations within each terrain category, especially for the C rating. Please contact the activity leader if you are not sure about a particular activity.