1. Suggested Reading:

    The most important thing to read is Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms by Paul Stamets. The first 21 chapters (200 pages) will basically tell you everything you need to know to grow just about any kind of mushroom you want, the rest of the book is reference material on specific species. If you are definitely going to be pursuing growing mushrooms and have the money to sink into a paper copy of this book, do it. If not, there is a PDF version online that you can download at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A9NXMA7K. If you don't like reading a bunch on the computer (I hate it) I recommend getting the book from the library and reading the first 200 pages (take notes), then download the PDF and keep it for reference. You can have this book sent to your local library by clicking this link REQUEST THIS ITEM (http://mainecat.maine.edu/search/astamets%2C+paul/astamets+paul/1%2C1%2C6%2CB/request&FF=astamets+paul&1%2C%2C6)

Its also handy to have the companion book to GGMM handy, its called The Mushroom Cultivator by Pual Stamets, download it in PDF at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=T7LSMTR9, or get it from the library REQUEST THIS ITEM

Paul also has another book, Mycelium Running : How Mushrooms Can Help Save The World ... I haven't read it, but I bet its good.

Other then GGMM, my main source of information is a website called The Shroomery. They may be a little too focused on growing psychedelic mushrooms rather then edibles, but there is LOTS of useful information on there a very wide range of subjects. Do a search for “tek”s (short for technique) and find in depth and very simple explanations on a million different mushroom related skills. I highly recommend getting a account on the forum so you can ask questions of this large and knowledgeable community. http://www.shroomery.org/

http://www.mushroomvideos.com/ Also has a lot of good info on it. If you want to see “how-to” videos rather then text with photos this is the place... you may even want to buy his dvd.

  1. Where to Obtain Cultures:

  1. Equipment:

    This is just my idea of what you should get for equipment, its on the cheap side of things (by far) but you could go cheaper and save a few bucks, or you get nicer stuff and spend a 100 times more. Here is my list of what to get:

Sterile Culture and Agar Work:


Indoor Fruiting:

Outdoor fruiting:

Potluck Lunch (please bring your own potluck kit!) In the afternoon you'll head outside to plug some logs.