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The latest news:

In a late surge, nearly $200 was donated on my head in early May. Pushing my total over $4000. As promised, for every thousand I will add an inch of Fro. So last years paltry four inch fro will be topped by the 2009 Fro and five inches.

From the blog It Ain't Over 'til Its Over

Grand total "It's official, $4053!"

Visit St. Baldrick's on the WWW for a list of my donors.

          Kathy Colquhoun
          Kim Se Cambodian Cuisine
          Mrs. Terry K. Barnard
          Diane DeBevec
          Eliza Parkin
          Ms. Karen Wellman
          Mr. Steven Probert
          Ms. Patty Salvatore
          Anne and Nels Melgaard

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from Ain't Over 'til Its Over

Last year I raised $6500 and this year I raised $4053
Grand total $10,552 "scratch that" $10,553

From my blog bio 1

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Of course a listing really ought to be a list. Here is the overall strategy

  1. Grow a fro
  2. Ask for donations
  3. Shave head
  4. Count money
  5. Send in donations

To raise the money I have a multifaceted social network

Raise money and awareness. I don't raise tons of cash, but I raise lots of awareness
A dozen insane videos
Stills from videos
campaign literature


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