Back-up to reality check for book club discussion of "What Are You Optimistic About?"

Link to article showing the futility of relying on technology to avert the climate change disaster.
"We Can't Get There From Here Political will and a price on CO2 won't be enough to bring about low-carbon energy sources."
   by Sharon Begley
Published Mar 14, 2009    From the magazine issue dated Mar 23, 2009
". . . even if we scale up existing technologies to mind-bending levels, such as finishing one nuclear plant every other day for the next 40 years, we'll still fall short of how much low-carbon energy will be needed to keep atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide below what scientists now recognize as the point of no return. . ."

Link to excerpts from page 498 of "Collapse -- How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed" by Dr. Jared Diamond. (This book is the definitive work on environmental collapse due to human activities and its consequences.)
". . . because we are rapidly advancing along this non-sustainable course, the world's environmental problems will get resolved, in one way or another, within the life times of the children and young adults alive today. The only question is whether they will become resolved in pleasant ways of our choice, or in unpleasant ways . . . "

Link to Global Warming: Five Facts and a Corollary  Pique May, 2008. There is corroboration below it.
"(5) Fossil fuel producers are increasing their outputs to meet surging demands. Given the power of greed and stupidity to (at least temporarily) overwhelm ingenuity, reason and foresight, even those  (above) called for inadequate goals for reducing emissions will not be realized in a timely way.
THE COROLLARY: Habitat destruction and species extinctions (especially the larger and more complex species), due to planetary heating and other causes, will be virtually completed by the end of the century. Of course, one of the terminated species will be Homo sapiens."