EFT Insights Newsletter (March 19, 2007)

EFT Founder, Gary Craig
EFT Founder,
Gary Craig

EFT, Spirituality and Prayers

EFT contains a clear spiritual element that enhances the effectiveness of our prayers.... Read the entire article on the EFT Blog

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Please consult qualified health professionals before putting these ideas into practice for yourself or others.

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Thought for the Day: "I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious." Andrew Wyeth

Today's EFT Quote: "I have been continually impressed with the quality of my clients'' progress with EFT. It has surpassed any other technique I've come across in the past 10 years of my professional career." Michelle Leuschen

Today's Humor: Why Indeed ...? – Part 4

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Messages from the EFT Masters
How to become an EFT Master

EFT Master, Carol Look Using EFT for Insomnia: Part 2 of 3: In this 3 part series, Carol Look (EFT Master) gives us useful ways to rid ourselves of insomnia. As usual, Carol packs this series with a long list of helpful ideas. View Carol's schedule for her "live" workshops on Attracting Abundance with EFT and the Law of Attraction in London, England; Chantilly, VA; and Sydney, Australia. For Carol's new "Success and Abundance with EFT and Law of Attraction" DVDs, her Attracting Abundance e-book, newsletter, packages, and teleclasses visit her abundance store. Raise your vibration with the new EFT podcast.
EFT Master Pat Carrington New Uses for EFT: Part 3 of 3: Using EFT for Forgiveness - The 1% solution: In this 3 part series, EFT Master Patricia Carrington superbly presents new uses of EFT to bring an extra level of richness to our lives. This is well worth your attention. Pat is the originator of the popular EFT Choices Method, a variant of EFT that can be learned free of charge in an e-book available with each new subscription to her (also free) newsletter (see her website). She has recently launched an EFT-based computer program The Key to Becoming Successfully Slender with EFT that can be used to address many other types of issues as well through a customizable feature. Pat administrates the EFT Certificate of Completion Practitioner List through her website. She can be reached through her email

Today's Featured Articles

Featured Article #1: 9 Phases of Organizing with EFT: Phase 6: Understand Paper Management: Figen Genco is an expert in personal organizing and, in this 9 part series, she shares her tips and hints for using EFT in this area. Email Figen and download her Manual on De-Cluttering at her website

Featured Article #2: Expert gives us an inside look at Group EFT: I'm a big fan of doing EFT in groups and so I was particularly pleased when Baerbel Froehlin chose to share her Group EFT experiences with us. She covers (1) the diverse number of issues that show up in these groups and (2) how to successfully handle them. Baerbel has scheduled a Teleclass on "How to successfully do EFT groups with guaranteed results" next month. It's practical hands-on help for all those who would like to get more comfortable and of course more "seasoned" in doing groups on the phone or in person.  Visit Baerbel's website

Featured Article #3: Success with infertility issues and "The Fear of the Fear": Many thanks to Alina Frank who unravels a complicated infertility issue and discovers that her client's fear of vomit was likely a contributing factor. Along the way, she address the "fear of the fear," a common reaction of those overcoming phobias with EFT. This term refers to the fact that the client may be over the fear but they won't know it until they are faced with the real life situation. In the meantime, they are afraid that they will still have the fear response. Email Alina and Visit her website

Featured Article #4: Using NLP to Chunk Down for specifics in an EFT session: I often emphasize the importance of applying EFT to specifics. This is because the more specific we narrow down the issues, the greater our chances for success. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) provides many tools for this and NLP expert Don Blackerby shares them with us in this article. Don gives frequent workshops on both NLP and EFT. Email Don and Visit his website

Featured Article #5: A clever method for finding core issues: Timothy Hayes offers this very useful idea for getting to the real issues that are bothering clients. While he aims his technique at our responses for when we are upset with someone, the idea has far wider application. Use your own creativity and see how far you can go. Email Timothy and Visit his website

Featured Article #6: A short woman no longer feels intimidated around tall people after one EFT session: Rod Sherwin from Australia shows us how to use EFT for limiting beliefs about ourselves. While this one has to do with "being short," the same idea can apply to many such personal beliefs. Email Rod

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