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March 2007


Welcome to this month's issue of Michael Losier's Law of Attraction E-zine.

This Issue Contains...
  • Michael's Message
  • Our First Ever Complimentary Teleconference - "Develop Your Child"
  • Guest Writers - Children and Law of Attraction
  • Creating Positive Behaviors in Others, by Dr. Brian Walsh
  • Australia, New Zealand Tour - April 10-30, 2007
  • Listen to A Special TeleClass - Why Your Affirmations May Not Be Working
  • Law of Attraction Single Introductory CD
  • Become a Member of the Law of Attraction Audio Library
  • Synchronicity with Sandy - The World Awakens To The Secret!
  • Law of Attraction Success Stories - Larry Kleinstein, New York City LOA Group Flourishes
  • Meet Michael's Virtual Assistant

  • Our First Ever Complimentary Teleconference - "Develop Your Child"

    Esther Andrews joins Michael on this
    First Ever Complimentary Teleconference.

    Imagine how successful your child can be with a brilliant mind, lightning-fast learning skills, an accurate lasting memory, and the creativity and problem solving skills of a genius.
    Adding Law of Attraction to your family's life will help your children achieve their top goals and create the life of their dreams!
    Listen to Michael and Esther on this call

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    Guest Writers - Children and Law of Attraction
    Mark Rush

    Holistic Dad Teaches Law of Attraction to His Five Year Old

    Connie McCandless Interviews Mark Rush:

    In the past year Mark Rush, a Toronto Acupuncturist and Shiatsu therapist, has gone from being a law of attraction skeptic to being a practitioner who is teaching his five-year old son how to attract what he wants. I saw Mark for a shiatsu treatment recently and heard his story. Here is my follow up interview.

    Connie: Tell me about your experience with the Law of Attraction.

    Mark: You introduced me to it a year ago in our business coaching sessions. We talked about the Law of Attraction probably 14 times before it started to sink in. I believed that if something positive happened, then something negative would balance it out.

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    Creating Positive Behaviors in Others, by Dr. Brian Walsh

    Parents Can Take a Page from Business

    Learning expert Dr. Brian E. Walsh, says that guiding your child to behave in a positive manner is as easy as 1,2,3. The bestselling author of, "Unleashing Your Brilliance," has adapted a business practice for family use, and it is compelling in its simplicity.

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    Australia, New Zealand Tour - April 10-30, 2007

    Attention Australia and New Zealand Law of Attraction Students!

    Michael is pleased to announce an Australian distributor for his book starting in February 2007, followed by a 14-Day Seminar Tour in both Australia and New Zealand.
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    Listen to A Special TeleClass - Why Your Affirmations May Not Be Working

    Each month Michael hosts a Q&A TeleClass for people that are reading his book Law of Attraction, or have attended one of his live seminars, and are excited to ask questions to the author.
    February's monthly call was postponed due to business meetings in LA, so Michael is offering this special class
    "Why Your Affirmations May Not Be Working"

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    Law of Attraction Single Introductory CD

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    Synchronicity with Sandy - The World Awakens To The Secret!

    Sandy Gardner is the Marketing and Promotions Manager for the Law of Attraction book. She connects Michael with all the right perfect people at the right perfect time -- her timing is Law of Attraction at work.

    It has been an incredible 3 months since The Secret book was released by Atria Books, an imprint of publishing giant, Simon & Schuster. On March 1st, they ordered an additional 2 million copies bringing the total amount of copies in print to 3.75 million! Add that to the 1.5 million copies of the DVD sold, and I would definitely have to say The Secret has reached The Tipping Point. This has been fantastic for us, as the Law of Attraction Book has been in the top 10 bestselling books on Amazon for the last month.

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    Law of Attraction Success Stories - Larry Kleinstein, New York City LOA Group Flourishes

    Larry Kleinstein enthusiastically facilitates LOA groups and workshops and coaches private clients in NYC. He is so grateful to Michael for his inspiration and knowledge of LOA. With Michaelís guidance and amazing suggestions, Larry started his group back in 2004. At first we were just a few people, now we have grown to a very large group gathering 100's on our email list with meetings of 40-180. It's incredible to see peoples lives change through the use of Michael's book!!
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    Meet Michael's Virtual Assistant

    Dianne Savoy, owner of, has been producing e-zines for Michael Losier for over a year now. She strives to achieve an interesting yet informative e-zine as she knows the importance of keeping Michaelís readers up-to-date. Michael and his sister/Virtual Assistant are both committed to the success of this e-zine.

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    Michael's Message

    Welcome to the March issue which is focusing on Children and Families. Check out the guest articles, the book recommendation and hear a complimentary training class. I have created a series of 3 minute videos each delivering aLaw of Attraction tool or tip. View the first 2 videos in the series and watch for a new clip each month.

    Law of Attraction - Making The Secret Work
    Watch the video...

    Law of Attraction - Responsibility
    Watch the video...

    Law of Attraction Book
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    The NEW 2006 Updated Version of Law of Attraction is now available for US bookstores to order. Bookstores order through DeVorss & Company,
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