If you would like to organize an event and have it posted for you please read ALL information below before requesting an event be posted on your behalf.

If you would like to request an event and are not sure of all of the information, please feel free to ask for help. We do not mind helping research and encourage everyones participation. The below information is needed so that we can get your events posted as quickly as possible so that more people can enjoy this group, the great Alaska outdoors, and recreational activities! Our intent is not to limit anyone from posting an event! Infact we strongly encourage it. (A great resource is to look at past events and see if they are the same location or type and copy some or all of the information from them.)

** Because the below list is not all event type inclusive, some of the information may not pertain to some events such as camping, ice skating or other events. If it doesnít pertain to your event please donít feel you canít request it. And again please feel free to ask for help if you are unsure of information for events.

Event Posting necessary information

The following information is necessary for requesting that an event be posted for you. In addition to information below. You must have a profile posted and profile questions filled out. We encourage you to also have a picture posted but it is NOT a requirement.

Also 3 days advanced notice for an event to be posted for you is required. If is less than 3 days advanced notice please feel free to post it as a message in the messages section of the website. **(Please remember Organizer and Assistants do have regular jobs and are doing this as volunteers only in their recreation time to).

Where and When: (this field is the obvious info: where is the event. But this field also includes the not so obvious.

-The first thing it entails is do you plan to account for carpooling meetup, if so the time for the event should be the time you intend to meetup for carpooling and where you intend to meetup for carpooling.

-The time you will be leaving carpool location.

-The time you intend to make it to actual event and itís location. And lastly

-The time you plan to leave the trailhead/beach/boat launch/etc to begin the event.

Organizer: This one is self explainatory. Who is organzing the event and their contact info. (If your requesting it that would be You.)

**If you are requesting an event, please be sure that when the event is over and youíve returned computer that you. Take a moment to open the e-mail asking how the even was and fill out the after event report, including a note about how the event was. And if you have a digital camera please post pictures of the event. This feedback helps the organizers and the members to plan future events, or decide if as members we would like to attend future events at this location.

Distance: -The distance of the event and if this is out and back or a loop.

-Expected duration. (If it is a time of year with less light, at the event youíll need to establish an absolute turn around time even if goal of event is not reached.

-If you know information like elevation gain/loss, trail conditions or water conditions. Please include but is NOT required.

How to get to event or meetup: (Best place for carpooling would be established places such as Carrs, Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart, local caféís Ė include which location.)

About the event: A bit of information about the event or location and what you intend to do there.

Additional information that is NOT required: But definetly can be included and can encourage participation are. - Links to websites about event or area, and/or map. Appropriate clothing or gear that would help to make it an enjoyable experience.

Event Posting Information Template


Where and When:



How to get to event or meetup:

About the event:

Additional information: