Where to buy Pétanque Boules

Notwithstanding the exotic names, all the cheaper boules (House of Marbles, Jaques of London, Playaboule) are made in China and may be filled with sand and gravel to achieve their weight. While they are fine for beginners, they are not accepted for competition play. The French brand OBUT are made only from metal and, apart from their "leisure class" boules, are competition grade. OBUTs will last much longer and handle better than the cheaper boules.

1. Games of Berkeley

Six Chromed Boules (manufacturer House of Marbles), Distance Marker, Jack, Sturdy Carry Case, $32.98

(Similar product: http://www.spiritgames.co.uk/gamesin.php?UniqueNo=1458)

Approximate weight (730 gr) and diameter (71 mm).  


2. Pétanque America

Six "leisure class" boules (manufacturer OBUT, France) in a black nylon case with zippers + 2 wooden colored target balls. $52.95 (plus shipping $13.27).

Approximate weight (630 gr) and diameter (74 mm). Note: these are not within certified competition boule range.


OBUT "Weekend" (3 boule set). These are competition grade boules with the exception that they only come in one standard diameter (74 mm), one standard weight (approx. 730 gr) and the weight is not stamped on the boule. $49.00 (plus shipping $10.44)


3. Amazon.com

A polished alloy six boule set (manufacturer Jaques of London) with target ball in a strong canvas carry bag. $50 (free shipping).

Weight and size unknown.


4. Playaboule.com

Six boule set (manufacturer Intégrale Boules): two sets of 3 boules each of 1 and 2 or 3 and 4 groove patterns, a wooden jack, a simple measuring device, and instructions to play. The nylon case is 600D and is blue with yellow embroidered PLAYABOULE on face. $26.95 (plus shipping).

Approximate weight (720 gr) and diameter (73 mm), within the certified competition boule range. 

Also available: 8 boule set for $32.95 (plus shipping).