Guidelines for Event Participants

Before the event:

 ·         Review the event description in detail and assess your readiness/ability to participate by reviewing our outings rating system.  Do not be shy about asking the Event Organizer about the difficulty of the outing and equipment needs.  Expect to be queried by the Event Organizer about your abilities, recent experience, and equipment.

·         RSVP ‘YES’, if you are going, but give no reply if you aren’t.  Reply to the standard set of questions asking for phone numbers for yourself and an emergency contact and inquiring about your abilities and experience.

·        If you have given a “Yes” RSVP to an event, you are responsible to change your RSVP to “No” if your plans change and you will not attend. The Trip Leader will send a reminder 3 to 5 days prior to the event and ask for a confirmation of your attendance. If you do not confirm at least 1 day prior to the event, the Leader has the option of replacing you on the attendance list with the first person on the waitlist. You will be placed at the end of the waitlist and will continue there until RSVPs close or you respond and openings are available.

·        No-Shows: If you are a repeating unexcused No-Show (you do not notify the Leader prior to events by RSVPing “No”, or by phone, text or email that you have cancelled), the Outings Director has the option of taking actions up to instructing Trip Leaders to place you on the waitlist until RSVPs close for any event that you sign up for within three months of your No-Show. A No-Show delays the trip, and people on the waitlist lose the opportunity to attend. The Outings Director will send an email to you explaining your status.

·         Be aware of the equipment needs for this outing.

·         If you are considering bringing children or pets, please obtain an OK from the Event Organizer beforehand.  The Event Organizer will consider whether other members will enjoy the company of the child or pet, and whether the trip is appropriate for the child or pet.  Especially for children, factors to consider include the age of the child, the length (time and distance) of the event, the weather, and the level of difficulty of the event.

·         Gather needed equipment or ask the Event Organizer about sharing or borrowing equipment, if the Event Organizer has offered.

·         Monitor the weather prior to the outing or check with the Event Organizer to make sure you have appropriate clothing and gear for the outing. 

·         Inform the Event Organizer if you need to return to the meeting location at a certain time, but be prepared to arrange your own carpooling accordingly.

·         Bring with you in writing emergency contact information and information on allergies, physical limitations, medical problems or medications which are relevant to the outing.  This information is to be carried on your person.  Inform the Event Organizer of any relevant limitations and/or medical issues.  Give your emergency contact information to the Event Organizer.

·         Let the Event Organizer know if you have any special dietary needs in case the group plans a meal stop after the outing.  But plan to be flexible with the group plans.  (All: be considerate of others’ dietary preferences.)

·         *** All participants are responsible for their own personal safety and comfort on an outing ***.

On the day of and on the outing:

 ·         Arrive at the designated meeting place on time. 

·         Bring lunch, snacks, water, raingear, flashlight, money for carpooling and any associated event fees, and for a possible meal.  If you plan to drive, arrive with a full gas tank. 

·         Stay with the group between the designated lead person and the sweep or as instructed by the Event Organizer . 

·         Keep Event Organizer informed if you plan to leave the group before completion.  Be aware that if you leave the trip, you alone are responsible for your own route finding, transportation, safety and well being.

After the outing:

 ·         Settle shared expenses. (The fuel cost should be split evenly among the riders and driver. If there are three or more riders, as a courtesy, the riders should pay the total fuel cost.)

·         Please submit a event rating and brief report of your experience per the e-mail you will receive from Meetup (example below).


·         As always, you're encouraged to share your pictures through website postings or even albums at meetings.

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