Open Mic Suggestions


·         Introduce yourself briefly to the audience. Remember your time starts when you step to the mic.


·         Please keep your songs short and limit your time, so that everyone gets an opportunity. If there is time left over after everyone's been through, you can do more songs.


·         Less is more.  Remember, in the entertainment industry, it is always better to leave them wanting more than to make them wonder how long you can keep it up.


·         Help out if you are able. Spend a few minutes packing gear in or out for your host, or relieve them at the board if you're able. It's a lot of work and help is always welcome. 

·         Don't bore or depress your audience. Three long, sad songs in a row make for ten to fifteen minutes of hell for your audience. Mix it up. Start with an up tempo, then something humorous, and then try your new ballad. Keep people other than yourself interested.


·         I know you want to promote your other gigs, but it is really poor form to promote another business from the stage. Let the host know when you're playing and ask him/her to announce it to the audience.


·         Take your phone calls outside or to a discrete corner of the venue. We are listening and I, for one, will make fun of you given the opportunity.


·         If you make a mistake, keep going.  Don’t stop or apologize.  You’d be surprised but it’s no big deal in the audiences mind.


·         Interact with the other performers offstage.  Mix and mingle (quietly). Many music contacts and collaborations are established at the Open Mic.


·         Bring friends and family.  You’ll have a built in attentive audience and it generates a little more revenue for the bar – they like that and, in turn, they’ll like you.


·         Be well rested if you can and not wasted.


·         Engage your audience.  Try to smile and don't avoid eye contact with your audience if you can help it