Collection of Links for Lee Tanner's Presentations

Lee Tanner, organizer of the Petaluma Investor's Business Daily (IBD) Meetup, is an extremely successful and experienced amateur CAN SLIM trader (and is featured in Amy Smith's latest book "How To Make Money In Stocks: Success Stories"). Since 2011, he has made several AMAZING presentations explaining his method of CAN SLIM investing. I've provided links to the presentations below ordered by most recent presentation first. Also, I've provided links to other useful files at the bottom of this web page.

For those starting out in CANSLIM, I would recommend listening to both parts of the "CAN SLIM Methods & Quick Start 2013" presentation. After you have learned Lee's basic strategy, I'd recommend watching the "CAN SLIM Example Portfolio Summer Rally 2012" presentation and the May, 2011 "CAN SLIM Quick Start" for more details on how Lee would have implemented his strategy during those 2 rallies. Also, by joining the Petaluma IBD Meetup, you can have access to additional educational files.

I can't thank Lee enough for the OUTSTANDING job he has done in explaining his method and providing a simple roadmap to success. You may wonder: Is it worth listening to the presentations? I (and many others) can say that it DEFINITELY is worth it! Be prepared to take plenty of notes. Lee's presentation has remarkably improved my trading results, and it can improve yours also.

Some members have had problems watching the video off of Dropbox, so it is recommended that you download the video and watch it on your PC. To download the videos and associated files from Dropbox, click the blue "Download" button in the upper right of the web page and select "Download as Zip"

"CAN SLIM Methods & Quick Start 2013" (2 Parts, ~2 Hours Each)

    Start Here...Watch these presentations first - best 4 hours investment you'll ever make! Updated by Lee in March, 2013.

    Part 1 - Video recording (98 minutes) on
    Part 2 - Video recording (120 minutes) on
    Presentations on Dropbox in Powerpoint 2010 Format (.PPTX)

November, 2012 - "CAN SLIM Example Portfolio Summer Rally 2012" - (2 Parts, 1.5 Hours Each)

    An excellent example of properly following CAN SLIM rules during the very difficult summer of 2012
    Click here for link to Dropbox folder for video, PDF of the presentation, and spreadsheet downloads. To download the files, click on the blue "Download" button in the upper right corner of the screen.

May, 2011 - "CAN SLIM Quick Start" - 2 Hour Presentation

    Lee shows in detail the trades one would take by following CAN SLIM rules during the rally which started in September, 2010. By following his rules, one could have achieved a return greater than 100% in 9 months!

    Video recording (2 hours) - 260 Mb download in MP4 format (right-click to download)
    Presentation in Powerpoint 2010 Format (.PPTX)

Miscellaneous Files (for download - right-click and select "Save Link As...")

    Example of Lee's Watchlist (New Version - .XLSX)
    Example of Lee's Watchlist (Old Version - .XLS)
    Instructions for Viewing Useful Columns Not Displayed On The Marketsmith Graphs (.PPT)
    Lee's Model Portfolio Trades - 2010_09 to 2011_06 (.PNG)

Viewing the Powerpoint 2010 Files (.PPTX)

    The presentation files are in Powerpoint 2010 (.pptx file), and Lee has used several of that version's latest features. Therefor, I strongly suggest that you download the 2010 PowerPoint Viewer and install it. If you'd rather not install the viewer, you can use the "cloud" equivalent, Powerpoint WebApp Viewer.
    Powerpoint 2010 Viewer (60.3 Mb)
    Powerpoint WebApp

Viewing the Downloadable Video (.MP4)

    The downloadable CAN SLIM Quick Start video is in MP4 format, which may not be viewable on older Windows operating systems. If this is the case, I suggest that you use one of the popular video players described in this article in

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