Lee Tanner videos

Leland Tanner is the co-organizer of the Petaluma IBD meetup group. He has put together some excellent webinar-style presentations on his approach to the CAN-SLIM methodology. Below are links to his meetup page, and to his webinars.



Getting a Quick Start in CAN SLIM Investing.

The links below are to recorded presentations on CAN SLIM investing given by Lee Tanner to the Santa Clara IBD Meetup.  Similar presentations were made to the San Francisco, Tiburon and Thousand Oaks groups.  The Santa Clara recordings are simply the most recent. 

The topic is the basic CAN SLIM investing work flow and how to use the IBD tools and educational material to get a quicker and more focused start with the CAN SLIM investing process.  The presentation discusses why CAN SLIM works and why it is worth learning.  It shows how to efficiently make a watch list using the IBD 50.   Also presented is a list of leading stock breakouts and a model portfolio for the market rally that went from September 1, 2010 through May 2011. 

A few members of the new Meetup have requested these links again.  This or similar material will be covered in our new Petaluma Meetup in the months ahead, but an early start is good for those who wish.

These recordings are hosted on GoView.com which is a free Beta site by Citrix Online, the company that provides GoToMeeting.com.  This Beta site is excellent and generally quite reliable, but occasionally it is hard to connect with or it momentarily gets a little temperamental.  Please be patient and try again.  It is still free and a terrific service.  Also, when you use these links they take some seconds to activate.  About one minute into the second recording there is an audio outage for 30 seconds.  You don’t need to adjust anything.  The recording is still working and audio comes back. 

Santa Clara CAN SLIM Meetup Presentation Part 1 of 2 given on December 13, 2011http://goview.com/?id=6d62c826-2d0a-4dc3-9002-bed7a9915e35

Santa Clara CAN SLIM Meetup Presentation Part 2 of 2 given on January 10, 2012. 

Lee Tanner’s Petaluma IBD Meetup Presentation
On Learning CAN SLIM for April 11, 2012

Finding Possible Watch List Stocks from the IBD50 or
How to Make a Watch List
(April 15, 2012)