Naples Activities Network membership FAQ
Q: Can I promote my business within this group?
A: The NAN is not a business networking group, so advertising/networking efforts should be done on your own website, facebook, etc. Meetups are an off-time social thing. Leave the work at work. If you have an opportunity that would benefit the majority of our members, email your proposal using the “contact us” link on the home page. The organizers will vote on the proposal and respond within 3-4 days. Unapproved greetings, discussions, or comments promoting commercial interests will be removed.

Q: Is this a dating site?
A: It's great if the people get along at our meetups and end up dating, but please join us for the friends you will make.

Q: Will my membership expire?
A: We collect a $5 one-time fee from each member to defer the costs of running this site. As long as your fee has been collected, your membership remains active. However, has its own policy. Please refer to their help section. Only when a member is disruptive, as voted on by the majority of the Governing Board, will a membership be revoked.

Q: What should I do if I cannot make an event I RSVP’d YES to?
A: Please update your RSVP to NO as soon as you can. If is after the RSVP close time, please email the event host your regrets. If it is after the host has sent out their contact information, contact the host via text or phone.