Thanks for checking out the donation page.
As most of you know, running a Meetup group is not cheap ($150 per year for just fees).
Please consider donating to help keep this group active.
All money raised will help pay for meetup fees and for The Asheville Hiking Group to form a non-profit corporation.

We have the following Bumper Sticker for sale for $5 each plus shipping.
AHG sticker

We have also set up a way to make a donation online. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Donation amounts

To provide a free, easy, and accessible way for the general public to enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities in a safe, courteous, and responsible way.
To provide an easy communication path to report trail conditions and concerns from the public to the correct department, agency, or group.
To assist other volunteer groups, friend groups, and agencies by providing volunteers and fundraising to increase the enjoyment of the natural beauty of WNC.
To assist with the preservation, maintenance, and repairs of the trail systems in North Carolina
Educate the public on trail etiquette, proper trail use, and safety.