Reality check Part II

I’d like to take back a statement I made earlier about “if you feel comfortable on the Lower Salt you will probably feel comfortable in Glenn Canyon”. That statement may be true at 10,000 CFS but I have no experience or precedence to extrapolate that to 24,000 CFS. The outfitter is claiming this is still flat water (no rapids), just faster and more powerful. I have also hear d conflicting reports that waves have developed on a few short sections.  I cannot yet confirm that.

One additional factor to consider is the type of boat you will be paddling.  Kayaks now come in many shapes and sizes.  Some specifically designed for stability on calm lakes (less stable in current), others are designed for stability in waves and current (often feel tippy on calm water), with many more somewhere in between.  If you have experience with your boat in a current you already know how stable it will be for you. For those of you that are renting, ask the outfitter if the boat you are renting was designed for current.

To answer a few questions that have come up in posts or elsewhere:

·         There is no firewood to gather. It may be too warm for us to really want one. I like the candle idea.

·         There should be plenty of room above the high water line for us to camp.

·         There are no side canyons to paddle.

·         Water fall canyon at the 3.5 mile mark is a very  nice short hike (2-3 mile round trip).

·         The hike to the petro glyph wall is only a .5 mile hike.

·         I’ve heard of one or two other short hikes that involve some climbing, but don’t know anything about them. You can ask the guide on the shuttle you take for more information.

·         There are hiking opportunities around the Lee’s Ferry area for those that arrive early or leave late.

A few  other tips

·         If you are looking for a waterproof map for Lee’s Ferry, oddly enough, it is on the back of the map for Lake Pleasant.  Forest service stations and REI have them.

·         Some wilderness permits require that a group our size have one spare paddle for every four kayaks. There is no such requirement here, but not a bad Idea if some of you can bring an extra paddle. Break apart paddles lash well to the deck with no real weight added.

·         Wind and waves can make hearing difficult, having a whistle on your lifejacket can get peoples attention in an emergency, especially if you happen to be the one falling behind.

·         Bring sunscreen, for your body and SPF rated balm for your lips.

·         Attach something to sunglasses/glasses that will allow them to float.

·         Bring a Wide brim hat and dip it in the water to help stay cool.

·         A wet long sleeve cotton shirt is cooler than a short sleeve synthetic one, but a bulky sweatshirt may make swimming difficult.

·         Bring a light weight rain jacket.  A monsoon storm is not out of the question this time of year.

·         A small wet towel or shirt around your shoulders can cool you down significantly while sitting around the campsite.

·         If you are allergic to bee stings , make sure you have a fresh epi pen with you and let others know you have it.

·         If you require medications, bring enough for at least one unplanned extra day in the canyon.

·         Bulk heads can leak especially if exposed to waves. Sleeping bags and clothing should be in a dry bag. If you do not have one, garbage bags are a secondary substitute. Household bags are thin and easier to puncture, contractor  duty garbage bags are better. 

·         A dry box or container is best for keys and phones, but you can also use two  gallon size zip lock freezer bags. An outer bag to protect the inner bag.

·         Have a dry clothes change ready in a separate dry bag. If you take an unplanned swim you will need to change into dry clothes as soon as possible.

·         The current is fast so we may have a lot of time to hang out at our river campsite on Saturday without a whole lot of options for shade.  If anyone of you have room for a tarp and rope to set up for shade, please bring it.

·         Should you capsize, anything not tied down or in a bulkhead will either float away or do the opposite of float.  The dry change of clothes is useless if it floats away when you need it most.