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Local (Baltimore) Production Company Wins 10 Telly Awards   Message List  
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Before we share this with you we just want to thank Brian Dragonuk and his site.  Almost all the talent associated with these awards came through Brian's site. This is a grand slam for local producers and independents and local talent.  Thanks again to everyone.  Okay hold your breath the results are in.  We won 10 Telly Awards this season.  We were entered with over 14,000 contestants.  The Silver are the top 10 percent in the industry and this is an international award.  The Bronze are the top 30 percent.  As follows:
SILVER   Billie Holiday episode of the National Great Blacks in Wax, series and documentary
SILVER  The Top of the Morning Special on the House of Ruth, event/TV5 education
SILVER   Kids Four Ever Children's Show, children's entertainment TV1Children.
BRONZE  Locomotion City, Baltimore Museum of Industry, educational documentary
BRONZE  Top of the Morning Special, We shoot Horses, entertainment education
BRONZE  The Children's Corner Special the Johns Hopkins University children's concert TV1 Children
BRONZE  Top of the Morning talk show with guest Vernice Amour first African American Helicopter Bomber Pilot TV5 Education.
BRONZE  Top of the Morning Special Sister Cities, at the Walter's
Art Gallery, Egypt.  TV3 Cultural
BRONZE  Top of the Morning Talk show special on Glass Blowing TV5 Education
BRONZE  Top of the Morning Special The Walter's
Art Gallery exhibit of Deja Vu.  TV5 Education
We just want to thank all of you for supporting us and working with us.  We especially want to thank those who paid the entry fee.  We could afford to only enter 5 on our own.  As you all know we have NO budgets and minimal equipment and by now most of you know how we operate.  We are hoping that maybe we can get some support for our shows based on these awards in the future so we can pay all you wonderful, lovely hosts.  Maybe the city will pay attention now.  The Silver Awards are very hard to win and to date we have won 4.  We have now won a total of 4 Silver and 10 Bronze in the last year. This time we have had 2 children's shows, and 6 Top of the Mornings, last year we won Silver for the Baltimore Fire documentary.  This year we won a Bronze for the
Locomotion City documentary.  Our first win was the documentary the Loneliest Journey on widowhood.  Thanks again to all for all your support.  Sorry if we sound like we're bragging but we're just excited.  The four kids Malesia and Que Blackwell, Reyna Fallin, and Nick Newman were kids that took our workshop.  Our workshop culminates with a half hour show the kids can use as promo reels.  This show was good enough we felt to enter the Awards.  We were blown away when we won Silver.  These kids all now have Telly Awards at 13 and 14 years old.  Our next workshops start July 13th.  We sincerely encourage parents to enroll their kids.
Lou and Loretto Gubernatis

Tue Jun 24, 2008 7:25 pm

"Brian Dragonuk" <bdragonuk@gmail.com>
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*PRESS RELEASE: TELLY AWARDS.* Before we share this with you we just want to thank *Brian Dragonuk *and his site. Almost all the talent associated with these...
Brian Dragonuk
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Jun 24, 2008
7:25 pm

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